President’s Welcome Message

Thank you for welcoming me into your proud family!

I am a product of two highly accomplished educators, my parents both served as faculty over 90 years combined.  I can appreciate a situation like Yuin, because it allows all of us to help in a way of serving, giving and watching the success from the grass roots level.  Yuin is at a rebirth; we all feel a part of something bigger than all of us combined, and, together, I feel we will make this University something special!

I am impressed with the Yuin faculty. In the short amount of time I have been around them, it is clear to me they epitomize what a great faculty at a contemporary Christian college should represent. Undoubtedly, Yuin’s faculty are knowledgeable and committed to being the best in their academic areas — which means our students learn from the best.

We at YU are striving towards the creation of real and sustainable “Value” for our graduates! We know that education must keep pace with this emerging world. We at YU are training learners of all ages to have a safe and secure future that is financially viable. What this means for us in the education industry is a paradigm shift to create education in a way never seen before, which is beyond the normal teaching, textbooks, and homework. As a byproduct of the emerging digital revolution, jobs are no longer stable, locations aren’t permanent, and workers are moving in and  out of the workforce, and, it appears that temporary employees are the way companies will operate in the future. It is no longer about students listening to learn a subject but learning to adapt to their skill sets as needed. We no longer need to teach how to use technology, but how to work in conjunction with technological entities such as the digital corporation in which man and online-based machine/systems work hand in hand. By adhering to the latest educational standards, we at YU ensure that the teaching experience is similar to the working experience by creating a homogenous environment for both, through the use of technologies and tools that are endemic to the future of the larger societal ecosystem. YU’s professors are academicians with ample practical and applied experience. They are capable of leveraging our unique industry relationships enabling an Individualized effective education environment which is second to none.

Please join us to celebrate this rebirth, as we have plans to install  new ideas, new plans and new dreams from the existing walls that we occupy.  Yuin will become a staunch trademark of compliance and growth as we rebuild, a place where students can be proud of their Alma Mater!

Dr. Warren Washington, Ph.D.