MBA – Master of Business Administration

The Master’s Degree (MBA) provides a strong background in theory and technical skills for managerial success in all types of organizations. By keeping class sizes small, the program is able to emphasize communication and interpersonal skills as well as the conceptual and technical skills critical to managerial careers. The program is intended primarily to meet the needs of people living and working in the southern California region wishing to pursue an MBA.

Master of Business Administration Program Learning Outcome:
  1. Identify and explain the four functions of management: Planning, Leading, Organizing, and Controlling, including how these concepts affect the business environment. (Academic achievement – conceptual knowledge)
  2. Demonstrate application of quantitative understanding to effective business planning and operations. (Academic achievement – conceptual knowledge and applied skills)
  3. Apply fundamental understanding of the field of business by analyzing various securities transactions, analyzing and evaluating industry trends, and preparing and communicating results of company analysis to different audiences. (Academic achievement–applied skills, inquiry tools/ practices; Leadership)
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and behaviors necessary for functioning effectively in a business organization. (Leadership, citizenship)
  5. Demonstrate the ability to integrate and synthesize knowledge, skills, inquiry tools and practices related to business administration in order to benefit oneself and others. (Academic achievement–conceptual knowledge, applied skills, inquiry tools/practices, moral/spiritual development, leadership, citizenship
Master of Business Administration Admissions:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree or an equivalent degree.
Master of Business Administration Graduation Requirements:
    • Satisfactory completion (B average or better) of all required coursework over four semesters time (approximately 24 months chronological time).
    • Completion of 48 semester units of credit. 1 semester unit is 15 contact hours for 15 weeks. Total Contact Hours: 720 hours.
  • Satisfactory completion of a comprehensive capstone course
Master of Business Administration Program Curriculum:
Units Hours
BUS 500 Financial Management 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 502 Non-Profit Management 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 511 Marketing Management 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 513 International Trade 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 521 Comparative Management 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 542 Human Resources Management 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 543 Organizational Behavior 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 604 Managerial Accounting 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 615 Strategy Management 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 636 Operations Management 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 657 Management Information System 4 units 60 hrs
BUS 699 Capstone 4 units 60 hrs
Master of Business Administration Total:
48 units
720 hrs