MDiv – Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity degree is a 87-unit (three-year) program, fulfilling all the educational requirements necessary for ordination.

Master of Divinity Program Learning Outcome:
  1. Interpret biblical texts critically and competently, explaining the meaning of a given text within applicable contexts and its significance in pertinent streams of current research.
  1. Analyze major and distinctive teachings of the Christian faith, critiquing leading perspectives through the centuries regarding core beliefs and practices and how these compare with other religions, philosophies, or competing worldviews.
  1. Explore major historical developments of Christianity, especially – but not solely – in the West, discerning internal and external factors that have shaped it in various cultures.
  1. Apply and evaluate current methods for incorporating the teachings of a faith – especially the Christian faith – into the lives of individuals in a faith community, beginning with oneself.
  1. Communicate coherently in professionally competent written form (following a standard style guide) and in effective oral form on matters of religion, illuminating historical, theological, and pastoral implications for contemporary societies.
Master of Divinity Admissions:
  • Bachelor of Arts degree, or an equivalent
Master of Divinity Graduation Requirements:
  • Satisfactory completion (B average or better) of all required coursework over six semesters’ time (36 months)
  • Completion of 87 semester units of credit. Total Contact Hours: 1,305 hours.
  • Students must apply for graduation and meet all academic and financial requirements.
Master of Divinity Program Curriculum:
Master of Divinity Courses  Units  Hours
OT501 Pentateuch 3 units 45 hrs
OT503 Old Testament Historical Books 3 units 45 hrs
OT506 Wisdom Literature 3 units 45 hrs
OT508 Old Testament Prophets 3 units 45 hrs
OT510 Hermeneutics 3 units 45 hrs
OT521 Old Testament Theology 3 units 45 hrs
NT531 Gospel 3 units 45 hrs
NT540 Exegesis 3 units 45 hrs
NT542 New Testament Theology 3 units 45 hrs
NT545 Pauline Theology 3 units 45 hrs
NT547 General Epistles 3 units 45 hrs
NT672 Acts 3 units 45 hrs
LG508 Hebrew 3 units 45 hrs
LG680 New Testament Greek 3 units 45 hrs
TH610-611 Systematic Theology I, II 6 units 90 hrs
TH620 Christian Ethics 3 units 45 hrs
TH630 Contemporary Theology 3 units 45 hrs
CH605 World Mission History 3 units 45 hrs
CH630 Church History 3 units 45 hrs
CH640 Reformation Theology 3 units 45 hrs
CE638 Church Education 3 units 45 hrs
GM635 Pastoral Counseling 3 units 45 hrs
GM650 Church Growth & Mission 3 units 45 hrs
GM670 Preaching 3 units 45 hrs
GM674 Leadership Development 3 units 45 hrs
GM720 Advanced Research and Writing 3 units 45 hrs
FE610 I-VI Church Internship I-VI 6 units 90 hrs
Total Master of Divinity Courses:
87 units 1305 hrs