PhDBA – Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

The Doctor of Philosophy represents the highest level of achievement in any academic discipline. Yuin University is proud to offer a research degree resulting in a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration. The purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration program is to prepare students for the highest level of leadership in business and industry, to conduct and participate in research in the field of business administration and to teach business administration in colleges and universities. Students who earn this degree are qualified to enter academia or the top levels of business or government service. These graduates will have demonstrated excellence in their pursuit of academic study in their selected field. As with any quality Ph.D. degree, the work is challenging but the rewards are substantial.

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration Program Learning Outcome:
  1. Identify and explain the four functions of management: Planning, Leading, Organizing, and Controlling, including how these concepts affect the business environment. (Academic achievement – conceptual knowledge)
  2. Demonstrate application of quantitative understanding to effective business planning and operations. (Academic achievement – conceptual knowledge and applied skills)
  1. Apply fundamental understanding of the field of business by analyzing various securities transactions, analyzing and evaluating industry trends, and preparing and communicating results of company analysis to different audiences. (Academic achievement–applied skills, inquiry tools/ practices; Leadership)
  1. Demonstrate knowledge and behaviors necessary for functioning effectively in a business organization. (Leadership, citizenship)
  1. Demonstrate the ability to integrate and synthesize knowledge, skills, inquiry tools and practices related to business admin. in order to benefit oneself and others. (Academic achievement–conceptual knowledge, applied skills, inquiry tools/practices, moral/spiritual development, leadership, citizenship)
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration Admissions:
  • Master of Art in Business Administration degree or an equivalent degree.
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration Graduation Requirements:
  • Satisfactory completion (B average or better) of all required coursework over eight semesters’ time (approximately 48 months).
  • Completion of 54 semester units of credit. 1 semester unit is 15 contact hours for 15 weeks. Total Contact Hours: 810 hours.
  • Advancement to candidacy, as signified by the completion of all doctoral coursework.
  • Satisfactory completion of doctoral dissertation including oral defense of dissertation.
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration Program Curriculum:
Units Hours
BUS-700 Advanced Corporate Leadership 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-705 Organizationl Development 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-706 Organizationl Communication 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-710 Conflict Resolution 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-712 Advanced Economic Analysis 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-755 Management Finance 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-766 Contemporary Marketing Management 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-776 Coordinating and Managing Supply Chains 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-780 Organizational Change 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-785 Technology for Corporations 3 units 45 hrs
BUS-790 Strategic Planning 3 units 45 hrs
RES-700 Introduction to Dissertation Proposal 3 units 45 hrs
RES-801 Quantitative Research 3 units 45 hrs
RES-802 Qualitative Research 3 units 45 hrs
RES-803 Research Methodology 3 units 45 hrs
RES-877 Dissertation I 3 units 45 hrs
RES-878 Dissertation II 3 units 45 hrs
RES-879 Dissertation III 3 units 45 hrs
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration Total:
54 units
810 hrs