PhDTh – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Theology

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theology program at the School of Theology is a 60-unit (four-year) program, designed to prepare students with unusual promise and academic ability for teaching in colleges or theological schools, and for professional leadership in the church and society.

  1. It is a theological degree. It requires broad theological knowledge, and aims at preparing the student for the competent scholarly development of his special field of study in the context of the theological disciplines.
  2. It is a research degree. The student is expected to understand the methodological and epistemological presuppositions of her/his field, and to become capable of advancing the field through genuine research.
  3. It is a professional degree. It emphasizes the professional applicability of the field of research by correlating theoretical and practical coursework, and by implementing critical reflection on the nature of the interdependence of professional theory and practice, as well as on methods and procedures relevant to it.

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology Program Learning Outcome:
  1. Interpret biblical texts critically and competently, explaining the meaning of a given text within applicable contexts.
  2. Explore interactions between significant historical developments in Christianity and discussions concerning the major and distinctive teachings of the Christian faith, discerning various factors that have shaped them.
  3. Apply and evaluate current methods for incorporating the teachings of a faith – especially the Christian faith – into the lives of individuals in a faith community, beginning with oneself.
  4. Communicate coherently in professionally competent written form (following a standard style guide) and in effective oral form on matters of religion, illuminating historical, theological, and pastoral implications for contemporary societies.
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology Admissions:
  • Master of Arts degree in Theology, or an equivalent
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology Graduation Requirements:
  • Satisfactory completion (B average or better) of all required coursework over eight semesters’ time (approximately 48 months).
  • Completion of 60 semester units of credit. 1 semester unit is 15 contact hours for 15 weeks. Total Contact Hours: 900 hours.
  • Advancement to candidacy, as signified by the completion of all doctoral coursework and the passing of a comprehensive examination.
  • Satisfactory completion of doctoral dissertation including oral defense of dissertation.
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology Program Curriculum:
Courses  Units  Hours
OT701 Old Testament Exegesis & Criticism 4 units 60 hrs
OT730 Theology of Historical Books of Old Testament 4 units 60 hrs
NT736 New Testament Criticism 4 units 60 hrs
NT742 Pauline Theology 4 units 60 hrs
TH762 Contemporary Theology 4 units 60 hrs
TH780 Philosophical Theology 4 units 60 hrs
TH782 Applied Christian Ethics 4 units 60 hrs
TH800 The Bible and Science 4 units 60 hrs
CH730 American Church History 4 units 60 hrs
CH760 Medieval & Reformation Theology 4 units 60 hrs
GM712 Organizational Leadership 4 units 60 hrs
GM805 Pastoral Counseling & Spiritual Therapy 4 units 60 hrs
MS820 Theological Missiology 4 units 60 hrs
TD898 Dissertation Proposal 4 units 60 hrs
TD899 Dissertation 4 units 60 hrs
Total Doctor of Philosophy in Theology Courses:
60 units 900 hrs