School of Theology – CBST

Yuin University School of Theology

Yuin University, School of Theology, is an interdenominational institute. Although there are a variety of expressions and worship within Christianity, the School of Theology relies on the authoritative Old and New Testament Scriptures as the basis of its study of theology. The study of theology and faith-based action are inseparable. Theology is empty and fruitless without practice. Just as the biblical writers were engaged in missionary practice, all interpreters must be. Christianity is not a private religion, but the public in nature.  Since God is a missionary God, the people of God are missionary people.

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Certificate of Bible Study Teaching Program (CBST)

School of Theology Mission

The church’s mission is not secondary; mission is its very nature. Therefore, Yuin University exists for the purpose of missionary encounters with the world. The goal of the Yuin University School of Theology is to bridge the division between orthodoxy and orthopraxis, i.e., to bring together knowledge and action. Theology is not the private property of elite intellectuals but arises from the context of biblical writers who were mission practitioners. Therefore, the inspired Scriptures should be interpreted today for the purpose of application in the world. Since the biblical writers were engaged with the needy world around them, so should we be. Yuin University believes that the Scriptures are authoritative for faith and practice today. Therefore, Yuin University believes that the Scriptures provide the overarching moral plan for the school.

School of Theology Purpose

Yuin University’s School of Theology provides higher learning and continuing education for church pastors, religious leaders, and missionaries without leaving their current ministries in which they are involved. Undoubtedly, Christian ministry today is being carried on in the midst of tremendous revolutionary changes affecting every aspect of human life. Therefore, ministers and religious leaders must equip themselves not only with basic biblical and theological foundations for ministry but also with professional competence and advanced skills and techniques in the areas of counseling, spiritual therapy, and intercultural communication.

The Graduate Studies Program is intended to equip students for teaching and research in theological seminaries, colleges, and universities worldwide. Applicants should have a demonstrable academic gift and a Christian calling for a life of scholarly research, theological reflection, and communication. In order to complete the program, participants must demonstrate facility in scholarly research and writing in the form of a dissertation, mastery of a particular discipline within the context of the total theological curriculum, and familiarity with teaching methods and skills for a future ministry in theological education.

School of Theology Objective

  • Each student in the School of Theology will strive to become highly competent in history, literature, religious principles and practices, and philosophy of the religion selected for their major field of study. It is understood that Yuin University’s expectations for such competence are appropriate to the degree level of the program in which the student is enrolled.
  • Each student will be motivated to pursue their spiritual growth as an adjunct to their studies in the School of Theology. The University holds to the principles that the study of religions should be informed by personal, spiritual experience. Although dispassionate contemplation is a valued academic tool in this study and the study of more secular subjects, much spiritual truth cannot be fully understood in the dispassionate mode. The student must be in the process of growing spiritually in order to gain full spiritual wisdom.
  • Though coming from a particular religious tradition, each student will become familiar with the everyday experiences and intentions that underlie all traditions. Religious traditions are distinguished as much by what they all share as by their differences. In studying in any of the School of Theology programs, it is the intention of Yuin University that the student retains this essence.
  • Each student will utilize their education at Yuin University to build on a foundation of authentic religious experience. The School of Theology programs is targeted at persons with a well-developed understanding of religious study matters, including current members of the pastorate and church leadership, and individuals with a well-developed interest in Christianity. It is expected that such individuals also possess the motivation necessary to meet the demands of a guided independent study mode of academic delivery.